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Insurance Claims Preparation & Recovery

Measuring, documenting, and resolving complex insurance claims

Around the world, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters continues to rise, cyberattacks are becoming a fact of life, and product recalls are becoming more prevalent as supply chains become increasingly complex. When unexpected events occur, resolving complex business interruption and property claims requires diligently managing the multifaceted claims process, beginning with evaluation and planning, followed by claim preparation, submittal, and audit, and ending with adjustment and settlement. Navigating this process efficiently requires a multidisciplinary team with deep experience in reaching equitable settlements.

Our team brings more than three decades of experience in the insurance claims process, including measuring, documenting, presenting, and resolving complex business interruption and property claims.


Business Interruption & Extra Expense

We analyze operational and financial data to determine business interruption losses and help our clients successfully navigate through the claims process to reach an equitable settlement.

Property Damage Claims

We lead the claims preparation process for our clients with large property losses, including overseeing the coordination, documentation, and presentation of property claims and addressing the needs and concerns of the insurer.

Cyber Breaches & Denial of Service

Our team of cybersecurity practitioners has prepared claims surrounding cyber events for clients in nearly every industry, achieving successful recoveries and building a comprehensive knowledge base.

Construction Risk Delay Claims

We assist clients in achieving favorable resolutions and enhancing their understanding of the legitimacy and value of construction and property liability claims.

Product Recall & Product Liability

Ankura professionals have worked on numerous product recall events and have the experience to properly measure losses and keep the process moving forward, whether dealing with the matter in the context of litigation or insurance.

Business Income Worksheets/Business Interruption Values

Ankura provides unique insight and granularity for corporate policyholders and brokers by aligning the values assessment process with a detailed business impact analysis that helps determine downtime risk.

FEMA Public Assistance Program Claims

Ankura helps clients identify FEMA loss elements and eligibility criteria and to assemble the appropriate project worksheets and underlying support for presentation to FEMA and state representatives.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura’s professionals are uniquely suited to assist you throughout the insurance claims process, from advising insurers in establishing reserves to final claim settlement and every step in between. Ankura’s team, including loss and forensic accounting professionals, certified public accountants, architects, industry specialists, engineers, and attorneys, has the expertise, experience, and depth to measure and document complex losses in every industry worldwide.

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