Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

Analytics & Data Optimization

In matters involving allegations of fraud, a common area of focus is on how data and systems may have been manipulated to execute or cover up the underlying fraudulent activity. Our team has deep experience performing investigations using data analytics to identify suspicious activity, determine who was involved, how the activity was executed, and quantify the scope and magnitude of the impact. We have extensive understanding and experience working with industry-standard enterprise resource planning and accounting software programs, including SAP, Oracle, Great Plains, QuickBooks, and Peachtree, as well as a vast array of other programs. We utilize a variety of tools, techniques, and technical expertise to provide otherwise unattainable insight into an investigation.

At Ankura, we offer our clients the following solutions:

  • Interview of information technology, production support, accounting, and other critical business stakeholders
  • Review and assessment of data retention and system control policies
  • Mapping of relevant system infrastructure and data processing flows
  • Identification and extraction of key systems and data sources
  • Systematic processing, aggregation, and analysis of supporting financial and enterprise data
  • Automated impact/damages calculations and reporting