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Ankura Consulting Group is an independent global consulting firm that helps clients in mission-critical situations with change processes, risk management, performance improvement, and holistic solutions. Our global team consists of subject matter experts and experienced consultants with deep industry knowledge. This unique blend of specialist expertise, a wealth of experience across disciplines and industries, and our proven track record enables us to deliver tailored, effective solutions and unparalleled service that Protect, Create, and Recover Value for our clients.

Our Anti-Money Laundering  experts deal with the fight against corruption (Anti-Corruption) and financial crime (money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and sanctions). Our services include, in particular, the assessment of compliance with and the implementation of anti-money laundering requirements in companies; know-your-customer audits; outsourcing; risk analyses; internal suspicious case processing and transaction monitoring; sanctions and PEP screening as well as the preparation and implementation of training concepts.

The Corporate Compliance team focuses on risk analysis, risk assessment and response (risk management, monitoring and reporting). We support the development of guidelines, advise on dealing with business partners, facilitate ad hoc compliance checks, advise on dealing with breaches, on the development of a compliance programme and in the area of digital ethics (AI regulation). With a view to governance, we provide guidance on company-specific compliance organisational structures and procedures and demonstrate the effective integration of compliance into operational business processes.

Our Construction, Infrastructure and Real Estate experts specialize in consulting and auditing services along the life cycle of real estate projects and infrastructure projects, including any transactions. The service portfolio for Capital Projects Monitoring & Assurance includes in particular construction monitoring, construction auditing, deviation analyses of construction projects, project risk management, contract due diligence, construction forensics, anti-money laundering for real estate transactions as well as the structuring an restructuring of major projects in Germany and abroad. Our Construction Disputes experts provide expert advice, forensic analysis and independent opinions in a clear, concise and objective manner in relation to mediation, adjudication and arbitration and litigation.

Our Forensics & Investigations team covers all activities associated with the investigation and detection of white-collar crime. This relates in particular to the forensic collection and evaluation of evidence and communication with the competent authorities. Another sub-area concerns the improvement of whistleblower protection and the implementation of whistleblowing systems. We also leverage our corporate intelligence capabilities to obtain and evaluate information on companies, individuals or circumstances worldwide – whether in the run-up to or in the course of business relationships, planned corporate acquisitions or mergers, the filling of management or security-critical positions or the tracing of assets. Our infrastructure meets the specific requirements and regulations in Germany and the European Union. We work with our clients to develop efficient workflows, proactively address risks, ensure quality, solve technical challenges and provide cost-effective solutions.

Our team of experts from the Data & Technology division supports you in setting up and optimizing your cyber security strategy and advises you on data protection issues. Our team of experts supports you in the event of damage, secures valuable traces of the attackers for use in court, and helps you to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. Our service portfolio also includes the investigation of white-collar crime by means of data-driven analyses. To this end, we combine the possibilities and established procedures of IT forensics with the latest technologies for the efficient evaluation of mass data.

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