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Ankura Launches Software License Compliance and Cost Optimization Solution and Bespoke Software Asset Management (SAM) Tool – Ankura SAM Manager

May 11, 2022

New tool enhances Ankura’s technology-enabled managed Software Asset Management Services and Capabilities

MUMBAI – May 11, 2022 – Ankura Consulting, LLC (“Ankura”), a leading global expert services and advisory firm, today announced the launch of its Software License Compliance and Cost Optimization Tool, Ankura SAM Manager, which expands upon its robust Data and Technology offering and technology-enabled Managed Software Asset Management Services, bolstering its comprehensive client advisory capabilities.

The addition of this solution to Ankura’s technology advisory portfolio enables the Firm to continue to handle the increasing complexity of clients’ software infrastructure and inventory using innovative digital technology. The Ankura SAM Manager is an automated platform that assists in the identification of inventory and discovery services, monitoring the software footprint for both passive and active use, identifying consumption statistics, proving purchase history management, identifying piracy, and monitoring virtual environments. This information is utilized by Ankura experts to provide cost optimization benefits to clients across their entire software portfolio.

“Keeping up with the complexities of corporate software and licensing, requires a full understanding of license management and their models. With the Ankura SAM Manager solution, we are better able to help clients measure, manage, and demonstrate how and where an organization’s IT budget is spent, what compliance risks exist, and how to optimize the applications to reduce costs,” said Amit Jaju, Senior Managing Director in Ankura’s Data & Technology practice. We strongly advise clients to concentrate their Software Asset Management programs on the top-tier software OEMs, which account for around 80% of their IT spend and compliance risks. These software OEMs are most likely to audit their customers, are complex to deal with, and are critical for business operations.”

The Ankura SAM Manager solution also addresses the challenge of integrating multiple inventory data source systems into a single platform, improving quality asset identification through integrated monitoring capabilities that provide alerts for any non-compliant software. It also allows for the customization and deployment of the solution to an on-premises environment, as well as the customization of workflows, dashboards, and analytics models to each company.

“This solution monitors and gives up-to-date views of where the budget is being invested using a precise inventory of environment installations. A compliance gap can result in significant, unanticipated financial penalties that can completely wreck a company’s balance sheet. Inaccurate data can exaggerate compliance gaps by as much as twice to what is owed. Clear and succinct inventory records are vital to contradict the auditor’s findings and may save clients from a more painful-than-necessary penalty if found to be out of compliance when audited,” said Paul Walker, Senior Managing Director in Ankura’s Data & Technology practice. Ankura’s SAM Manager solution is crucial in proactive asset management and maintenance, resulting in more resilient hardware configuration monitoring, streamlined IT operations, increased equipment lifetime, as well as cost reductions and better staff efficiency and compliance.”

Ankura Consulting’s technology-enabled Managed Software Asset Management Services along with its Ankura SAM Manager tool facilitates improved control of budgets, demand, consumption, and has a strong track record of delivering proven up-front savings that average 68 percent. Please visit Ankura’s website for additional details:

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