Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

Forensic Accounting Analysis and Reconstruction of Books and Records

In litigation, enforcement, and investigative matters, insightful and innovative forensic accounting analysis and reconstruction of records can often provide a critical difference in effectively demonstrating the substance of the items at issue. Our professionals have worked in a variety of regulatory and governmental agencies and have firsthand knowledge of cutting-edge techniques. Ankura’s multidisciplinary collaborative culture provides the ability to draw upon our eDiscovery, data analytics, and financial modeling skills to provide comprehensive solutions in this area, including:

  • Electronic data capture and analysis
  • Assistance in responding to governmental subpoenas and document requests
  • Participation in interviews, depositions, and testimony of relevant parties
  • Forensic accounting examination and reconstruction of books and records
  • Documentary support, review, and interpretation
  • Complex data analytics and financial modeling
  • Presentation of results and interface with government regulatory authorities, including the Securities & Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, and Commodity Futures Trading Commission, among others
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