Forensic Accounting and Claims Consulting

Unexpected events can negatively impact companies in nearly any industry on any given day. These events range from the catastrophic (e.g., natural disasters), to the obscure, such as a cyber breach or employee theft. When these events occur, it is critical to recover losses and return operations to normal as quickly as possible.

Ankura’s forensic accounting and claims consulting team has the expertise and qualifications to address accounting challenges for all areas of loss: quantifying and documenting the claim; presenting the claim to underwriters; and ultimately managing the process to achieve an equitable claim settlement. The team is comprised of loss and forensic accounting professionals, including former CFOs, architects, engineers and attorneys, and CPAs who have decades of experience measuring commercial insurance claims.

We understand the phases and technical aspects of the claim following a loss event, including the individuals involved in the process and the unique roles served by each.

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  • Business interruption
    • Gross earnings/gross profits
    • Contingent business interruption
    • Extra expense/expense to reduce loss
    • Expediting expense
    • Ingress/egress
    • Civil authority
    • Infectious disease
    • Complex deductibles
  • Property damage
    • Building
    • Contents/equipment
    • Inventory and stock loss (including work in process)
  • Cyber/data breach
    • Incident response
    • Business interruption
  • Construction
    • Scope, damages, and cost estimation
    • Project schedule and delay analysis
    • Builder’s risk (builders risk, surety, wrap programs, delay in start-up)
    • Defective design and construction
  • Values and exposure analysis
    • 12-month annual reportable values
    • Values at risk including interdependencies
    • Maximum foreseeable lost (MFL)
    • Probable maximum loss (PML)
    • Contingent risk exposures
    • Extra expense
  • Marine claims
    • Stock valuations
    • Consequential losses
    • Cargo/warehouse losses
  • We also have expertise in the following areas:
    • Product liability (asbestos, food, products, silica, etc.
    • Product recall/product integrity
    • Subrogation claims
    • Fraud and fidelity
    • Environmental contamination
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