Pre-Resolution Administration and Fact Sheet Exchange

In mass tort and class action litigation, it is essential to implement a system and process that facilitates collaboration, planning, negotiation, and resolution between the parties. Disorganized case management costs your team time and money, and is prone to error.

With an effective mass tort case management system in place, you can devote your full attention to the strategic development of your case because you have current and comprehensive information at your fingertips.

Once a case is consolidated into a single proceeding and leadership is appointed, parties should coordinate with the judge and special master to order the use of a mass tort case management system. Evaluating what you need is the first step.

An effective system allows disparate stakeholders to collect, analyze, enhance, and exchange case data in a common forum. By implementing MDLOnline, you can:

  • Centralize the location of docket information
  • Collect case information in a standard format across parties
  • Coordinate with opposing counsel to exchange profile forms, fact sheets, and case management orders
  • Bulk-upload and edit case and fact sheet information
  • Validate data inputs to minimize deficiencies related to typos or missing information
  • Utilize eSignature to minimize time and cost related to service of documents
  • Identify duplicate representation through automated matching
  • Manage and meet court-ordered timelines through system monitoring functionality
  • Run searches to analyze cases and identify potential bellwethers
  • Respond quickly to requests from the court with real-time data reporting
  • Minimize transition efforts between litigation phases by entering data once and utilizing it for multiple purposes throughout the lifecycle of the case
  • Monitor case status dashboards to understand the litigation landscape
  • Keep your information safe as a result of our data management protocols, enterprise-level architecture, and security-first designs, which are designed to ensure your critical information assets are protected at all times