Settlement Administration and Claims Processing

If your mass tort or class action is resolved through settlement, you need a partner and a system that can meet the unique and dynamic needs of your case.

Settling a mass dispute requires a large amount of coordination. With settlement administration powered by MDLOnline, you can process claims, issue releases, coordinate lien resolution, and facilitate payments across all parties in a secure forum. By providing a common space for submitting, processing, and paying claims, MDLOnline increases the efficiency and productivity of a settlement, thus achieving a fair and accurate resolution.

The MDLOnline client service team works with you to transform settlement agreements into actionable processes and protocols. Your dedicated team will forecast obstacles, provide solutions, and connect people. We specialize in claim review; lawsuit review; bankruptcy review; probate review; deficiency notification; document intake; release issuance and review; lien review; payment and lien reporting; and data analytics.

You can trust the MDLOnline team with your complex and dynamic settlement administration needs to:

  • Configure protocols, claim forms, and processes to meet settlement agreement terms
  • Stay informed with real-time claim statuses based on claim review outcomes
  • Identify and eliminate fraudulent claims
  • Validate data inputs to minimize deficiencies related to typos or missing information
  • Utilize eSignature to minimize time and cost
  • Identify duplicate representation through automated matching
  • Respond quickly to requests from the court with real-time data reporting
  • Bulk upload and edit claim information
  • Collaborate with Ankura experts to produce custom reporting for your litigation needs:
    • Collect, normalize, and analyze data
    • Transform data from any source into information that supports strategic decisions and well-informed action plans
  • Keep your information safe as a result of our data management protocols, enterprise level architecture, and security-first designs, which are designed to ensure your critical information assets are protected at all times