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Health System Strategies Conversation: 2024 Forecast Implications

About the Webinar

In our new Strategic Conversations 45-minute webinar series, our strategic planning experts will discuss a current topic and answer your questions.

In this conversation, we’ll be talking about how to invest wisely this year in an era of reimbursement evolution, as a follow-up to our recent article: 2024 Health System Predictions in Ten Charts.

We’ll chat about questions like:

1. What variables and indicators will impact capital spending and prioritization this year?

2. Where do we see investment growth and what are the associated risks?

3. What are the macro and micro levers that are dominating this year’s strategies?

4. What metrics are we tracking closely and what is their relevance to solid decision-making?

Ankura health system strategic planning experts Michelle Mader, Mark Furgeson, Erin Nelson, and Katie Reilley will share their experiences, stories, and predictions for the coming months.

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