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Professional Liability & Defective Construction

Evaluating claims and reporting expert conclusions

Engaging an experienced consultant to evaluate the design and construction of a distressed project and offer opinions regarding professional design practice and standards of reasonable care can be crucial to achieving a reasonable outcome in the dispute resolution process. Ankura has a specialized team of seasoned licensed professional architects and engineers to meet the needs of design firms, owners, constructors, insurers, sureties and counsel involved in professional liability and design/construction defect disputes worldwide.

Ankura consultants are poised to review, document, assess, and report findings and conclusions on a variety of design and construction concerns.


Advisory Services
  • Constructability review of contract documents
  • Progress and performance monitoring
  • Assessment of conformance with plans and specs
  • Change order entitlement review
  • Change order and scope growth mitigation
Standard of Care Evaluations
  • Contractual and industry expectation
  • Inter and intra disciplinary design coordination
  • Errors, omissions and deficiencies
  • Suitability of plans/specifications
  • Request for information (RFI)
  • Design delegation and procurement
Defective Construction
  • Water infiltration and intrusion
  • Testing protocol, oversight and assessment
  • Repair protocol review and cost reasonableness
  • Monitoring of repair
  • Betterment allocation
Expert Services
  • Forensic analysis
  • Damages analysis
  • Code Assessment
  • Copyright review
  • Dispute resolution and claims mitigation
  • Expert testimony

Midwest Manufacturing Plant. Ankura Settled Multiple Claims Against the Owner.

The Ankura team of professionals worked to settle multiple claims in the millions of dollars from various contractors on one of the largest metal manufacturing facilities in the USA. Acting as its own Construction Manager, the facility owner, and user contracted directly with multiple trade contractors. As construction on the new and renovation construction progressed delays were experienced impacting the opening and scope/change orders arose. Ankura and its team of industry-experienced professionals, worked with the owner’s personnel to settle the delay and change order cost and scope issues from eight different contractors.

The Ankura Difference

Our experts have the requisite experience and are successful in communicating our findings in expert reports and multimedia technical presentations in mediation environments, before dispute resolution boards, arbitration panels and in open court before juries. We can also status, document, assess, and report findings and conclusions on a variety of design and construction concerns.

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