Expert Services

We have specialist knowledge and experience of the common forms of dispute resolution and the application of project control systems and project reviews. We are relied upon by tribunals, government, regulatory agencies, and other dispute resolution forums around the world to present opinions on complex matters in a clear, concise, and objective manner.

  • Cost/Quantum

    We are experts in the valuation of construction works including the valuation of works executed, the analysis and quantification of complex construction claims, variations, prolongation, acceleration, disruption, lost productivity, and termination.

    We have specialist knowledge and experience with all forms of dispute resolution and apply our acuity to undertake rigorous project reviews and help our clients establish appropriate project control systems.

  • Schedule/Programme

    We conduct a thorough analysis of as-planned and as-built schedules to determine the discrete delays along a project’s critical path. Our technical review of project records and related technical analysis, including manpower, production and productivity analyses, allows our experts to assign responsibility for each independent delay.

  • Damages

    We analyse accounting records, cost control systems, and associated supporting documentation to assert or rebut damage calculations. By focusing on the root causes of cost overruns or inefficiencies, we isolate the impact of specific events on direct and indirect costs.

  • Professional Liability and Defective Construction

    Our licensed professional architects and engineers address the specific needs of design firms, owners, constructors, insurers, sureties and counsel involved in professional liability and construction defect litigation.

  • First-Party Claims

    Given the inter-relationships of business interruption and property damage claims made by policyholders, we support our clients in evaluating damages for complex insurance claims, litigation, and business disputes involving business interruption, property damage, extra expense, delay in start-up, product liability and political risk.

    In addition, our professionals assist clients with the analysis of insurable values for coverage and limits decisions.

  • Expert Testimony

    Leveraging our analytical and industry experience, we are relied upon by courts, tribunals, arbitrators, regulatory agencies and mediators around the world to present opinions on complex matters in a clear, concise and objective manner.

    With international arbitration becoming a dominant form of dispute resolution in our global industry, success requires a detailed working knowledge of the various forms of contracts that govern the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties as well as an appreciation for the local laws, regulations, customs, language and cultures of the project’s host country.

    Our professionals have the project experience and testimony credentials to enhance our clients’ ability to achieve the best possible outcome.