Financial Planning, Reporting, & Analysis

Strategic decision-making through financial awareness.

Every strategic initiative for growth, streamlining of costs, or transformation of organizations requires financial planning, reporting, and analysis. Without them, these plans stall or stumble. By bridging the gap between financial metrics and the strategy, people, and operations that drive them, Ankura’s CPO (customers, product/service, operations) framework helps private-equity sponsors, C-suite executives, and corporate boards build a solid foundation of finance functions, key performance indicator reporting packages, project management office (PMO) initiatives, and strategic planning.

At the same time, Ankura’s own CPO database puts every data point in context, enabling business leaders and private-equity general partners to benchmark their progress against businesses in similar situations, stages, and industries.

We provide a wide range of support to help enhance visibility and provide financial certainty for our clients:

  • Design and/or enhance the full spectrum of finance organizational functions, including financial planning and analysis, treasury, tax, and accounting
  • Capital budgeting
  • Annual strategic budgeting
  • Financial controls
  • Risk management
  • Working capital management
  • Owner and chief executive officer key performance indicator (KPI) reporting dashboards
  • Monthly and board package configuration
  • PMO oversight
  • Customer segmentation and profitability analytics
  • Carve-outs
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Brendan Bosack
Brendan Bosack
Senior Managing Director