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Intellectual Property

Protecting innovation in high-stakes cases

Intellectual property is more than just an idea or a concept; it represents innovations that are integral to the core services of a business and its overall long-term viability. In today's innovation economy, the need to protect and advance intellectual property has never been greater, especially for companies seeking to compete and expand globally.

Ankura’s team of seasoned IP experts assists clients with the challenges and opportunities associated with assessing, valuing, and managing IP assets. We help clients protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property assets. We rely on our extensive quantitative exper­tise and industry experience to provide clear, concise, and defensible analysis across all stages of intellectual property cases. We provide value-based guidance to inventors, investors, and corporations; facilitate IP sale, licensing, and financing transactions; and provide damages analysis in IP disputes for plaintiffs and defendants.


Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Our qualified experts collaborate with counsel and senior management to develop appropriate litigation strategies in patent infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, false ad­vertising, and unfair competition matters. We implement efficient strategies for evaluating potential damages or exposure.

Royalty Compliance

We have helped intellectual property own­ers recover millions of dollars in asserted rights relating to their copyrights, trademarks, and patents licensed to third parties. Our professionals specialize in performing royalty compliance reviews for in­tellectual property owners. We develop and implement royalty compliance programs and perform a review of the royalties paid by publishers and other licensees around the world and undertake an extensive analysis of clients’ royalty payments, interact with the licensee on our clients’ behalf, obtain detailed accounting records used to generate royalties, and calculate the amount of any underpayment.

Intellectual Property Management & Monetization

Ankura helps clients manage their intellectual property portfolios to maximize their return by providing strategic assessments, brokering asset licenses and transfers, and accessing investment and funding sources.

Global Telecommunications Company

Securing $63.8 Million in Patent Damages 

An Ankura professional was engaged by a plaintiff and its legal counsel as an expert witness to prepare a royalty damages analysis in a patent infringement matter. The Ankura team analyzed an array of product, market, and financial records to apply a Georgia-Pacific analysis, and the team reached an expert opinion regarding the amount of reasonable royalty damages. For procedural reasons, the case was tried twice. The jury considered the expert testimony of the Ankura professional in both instances, awarding the plaintiff $3.7 million initially and ultimately $63.8 million.

The Ankura Difference

Drawing on leadership experience at the Licensing Executives Society, American Bar Association, Intellectual Property Owners Organization, and many other professional organizations, Ankura professionals have testified in federal, state, bankruptcy, tax, international trade commission, and international courts. We have proven expertise in economic issues surrounding standard essential patents and FRAND licensing requirements, trade secret and breach of contract litigation, and more traditional patent and trademark litigation. Each of Ankura’s intellectual property experts has decades of experience in providing litigation support, valuation, and royalty compliance assessments across various industries. Our team includes attorneys, former business executives, credentialed valuation experts, CPAs, and former partners at Big Four accounting firms.

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