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Investment and interest in cryptocurrencies, virtual assets, and other blockchain-related technologies have exploded over the past few years. Yet as the “crypto” asset class has expanded, regulatory, legal, and risk-management constructs have not kept pace and remain in flux. All stakeholders—businesses, regulators, and investors—are facing the growing pains of this new asset class and its related technologies in an uncertain, volatile environment.

Ankura is uniquely positioned to assist clients with the risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with cryptocurrency and block-chain technologies. We rely on the collective experience of cybersecurity experts and investigators, former top-level regulatory officers, investment professionals, and experts in computer science, geopolitics, valuation, litigation support, and damages. These professionals bring deep technical skills, industry-leading analysis, unvarnished assessments, and candid advice to clients who need to make mission-critical decisions and defend their positions.

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