Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Advisory


Ankura’s cybersecurity and technology units assist organizations on cryptocurrency-related matters. Our team is comprised of specialized individuals with backgrounds in cryptography, information security, incident response, cyber-threat pursuit, law enforcement, counterintelligence, operational continuity, crisis recovery, and system security consulting. We work with clients across industries to fortify processes and infrastructures; mitigate critical weaknesses in data governance; investigate cybersecurity incidents; and provide incident response, crisis management, business continuity, and disaster-recovery plans and strategies.

Our cryptocurrency-related solutions include:

  • Investigations and litigation support into civil disputes and fraud
  • Cybersecurity and cryptographic advisory services to include cryptographic mining feasibility and operations, cryptographic key generation and management, and ledger security
  • Cyber-extortion investigations into ransomware and other ransom-related payments involving cryptocurrency
  • Investigations into cryptocurrency transactions
  • Cryptocurrency due-diligence investigations
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Luke Tenery
Senior Managing Director