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Conflict epitomizes today’s global landscape and permeates throughout every industry and market. Both social and shareholder activists are leveraging conflict as a driving force for change and governments worldwide are exercising their oversight authority over their markets in a response to globalization and the digital transformation of their economies. As a result, litigation, investigations, and regulatory inquiries are on the rise and, when these events occur, the stakes can be high – everything from reputation to financial and operational disruptions are on the line.

We help our clients Protect, Create, and Recover ValueTM by managing, resolving, and mitigating conflict. Whether it be a high-stakes legal case or a sweeping regulatory inquiry, we operate as one firm to address the challenges our clients face from start to finish with real results and positive outcomes.

Our team of seasoned experts and advisors includes former regulators, investigators, lawyers, and industry executives. We believe that moments of conflict can serve as opportunities to shift paradigms and create new opportunities that power growth and innovation. Having served both inside and outside of regulatory agencies and corporate board rooms, our team is able to give the clarity and perspective needed to navigate moments of change and disruption.

Solutions & Services

We develop sound analysis and deliver objective testimony in high-stakes litigation around the world.

We combine advanced technology and deep analytical expertise to transform data into insight in litigation or investigations.

We balance the views of regulators and investigators with the complexities of operating globally to manage risk and resolve compliance matters.

Our team of cybersecurity practitioners and data privacy specialists operate at the frontlines of the digital world to prevent breaches and mitigate data risks.

We help clients navigate shifting political dynamics throughout the global economy.

Our team of former regulators, intelligence officials, and security professionals conduct and resolve investigations.

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We solve problems by operating as one firm to deliver for our clients. Where others advise, we solve. Where others consult, we partner.

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